The practical guide to wall-mounted heat pumps

A heat pump, also known as a heat pump, is a practical and useful air conditioning device in both winter and summer. Wall-mounted models are generally appreciated for their elegant design and especially their limited dimensions, but is their power sufficient to heat or cool your whole house? Find out everything in this guide.

How does a heat pump work?

To begin with, it is important to note that a heat pump, whatever the model, is always made up of 2 entities:

  • The exterior part, installed outside the building;
  • The interior part, installed in a room of the house.

The mode of operation of the device then varies according to the seasons.

– In winter

In winter, the heating function of the heat pump is activated. The device then absorbs the heat contained in the ambient air outside to be able to heat the interior of the house. The hot air is then circulated through a fan.

– In summer

In the summer, the heat pump does the reverse process to cool the air in your home. In other words, it absorbs the heat and humidity that is inside to expel them. It is therefore essential to emphasize that the heat pump does not produce cold air under any circumstances.

Can the wall-mounted heat pump heat the whole house?

The wall-mounted heat pump has a lower power and is used as an auxiliary air conditioning device. This therefore implies that it must be combined with other heating equipment such as an electric furnace or a gas boiler to guarantee optimal comfort in winter. It is also important to emphasize the feeling of heat or coolness decreases as you move away from the device.

So what are the advantages of a wall-mounted heat pump?

Here are the advantages of using a wall-mounted heat pump:

  • Aesthetic and ergonomic appearance;
  • Energy saving ;
  • Efficient auxiliary heating;
  • Does not humidify or dry out the air;
  • Use of renewable energy (air absorption);
  • Interesting cost;
  • Silent operation.

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