The best brands of air conditioners

The best brands of air conditioners

There are air conditioners for all tastes and budgets. The models and brands are so diverse that you don’t know which one to choose. In order to help you with your next purchase, we have selected for you the 5 best air conditioner brands in terms of quality and price.

Our selection of the 5 best air conditioner brands

Direct Air

Direct Air is a specialist in comfort solutions for residential and commercial buildings. Ventilation, heating, air conditioning and heat pump systems are among the brand’s product catalog.

Direct Air guarantees the quality of its equipment, as all its products are manufactured to high quality standards. Reliability and durability are essential in this type of product, and Direct Air ensures both.

Direct Air’s line of air conditioners includes wall-mounted and central systems, as well as single and multi-zone wall-mounted heat pumps and central heat pumps.


GREE is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of air conditioning systems. Indeed, the brand is present in more than 160 countries and regions. Its main asset is the continuous innovation of its products in order to offer customers the latest technology.

GREE offers air conditioning solutions for both residential and commercial buildings, as well as for offices and industrial buildings. Residential air conditioners include monosplits, multisplits, mobile units, air cleaners and dehumidifiers.

For non-residential lines, you can choose between U-Match, cabinets and columns, air curtains, window air conditioners, and high performance air conditioners dedicated to large areas.


RUUD is one of the pioneers in terms of water heating solutions. Today, the brand specializes in all heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. In fact, the company is one of the largest in the field in North America.

What sets RUUD apart from the competition is the use of quality materials, advanced engineering and highly skilled technicians in the design of its devices. Thus, customers can be sure of the quality, reliability and longevity of RUUD products.

If we focus on RUUD’s range of air conditioners, the brand offers various single- and double-stage, monosplit and multisplit models, as well as high-performance air conditioners for commercial and office premises.

Maxi Wind

Maxi Vent is not a brand in the strict sense of the word, but a distributor of several well-known brands. The brand encompasses various brands such as Napoleon and Maxi Air. The devices available are air conditioners and heat pumps.

Maxi Air Central

Finally, the Maxi Air Centrale brand specializes in central air conditioning systems. You can choose between models of central heat pumps, central air conditioners and fan convectors.

Which air conditioner should I choose for my home?

Choosing an air conditioner is not something you do in a hurry, let alone randomly. There are different models that can be distinguished according to their size, their installation or their performance. Quickly discover the types of air conditioners that you can frequently find on the market:

  • Fixed or mobile monobloc: it is an air conditioner composed of a single unit that can be fixed or mobile. The portable model is both convenient and easy to carry and requires no prior installation before it is functional. Nevertheless, its use is punctual and it is less efficient;
  • Split: the split model is composed of 2 or more units. An outdoor unit is used to exhaust hot air and is the loudest. The indoor units are more discreet and are installed in the rooms. The split air conditioner is efficient and suitable for a house with many rooms;
  • Reversible: it is more a function than a type of air conditioner. A reversible model can both cool and heat the rooms in your home. The air conditioners monoblocs or splits can be provided with the reversible function or not according to the models;
  • Cassette: The cassette air conditioner is often used in large spaces such as offices or commercial premises. It is extremely efficient and is particularly discreet, since it is installed on the ceiling.

The different technologies associated with an air conditioner

With the various technological developments, air conditioners are more sophisticated, more versatile and more convenient to use. Find out about the various additional features associated with these devices that may be useful to you.

Inverter technology

Inverter technology prevents the air conditioner compressor from restarting and stopping very frequently. It offers a thermal balance with very little fluctuation of the temperature in the room or in the house. Inverter technology also provides energy savings of up to 30%.

The reversible function

The reversible function of an air conditioner allows it to cool the house by diffusing cold air, and to heat the rooms by injecting warm air. It can be handy for maintaining adequate comfort when the temperature tends to drop, but it is not a substitute for a real heating system in very cold winters.

The connected air conditioner

On the most modern models, it is possible to connect your air conditioner to your smartphone through Wifi. Thus, you can program its operation remotely via your cell phone. Very practical and offering an optimal comfort, these models are part of the nec le plus ultra of the current air conditioners.

How to maintain your air conditioner?

Overall, the maintenance of your air conditioner is quite simple. Cleaning it regularly will extend its life and ensure that it works optimally. Maintenance is usually done on filters and air vents. These elements are easily accessible, requiring no specific equipment or know-how.

However, in the case of a large and powerful air conditioner, we recommend that you call a professional. Maintenance and servicing of refrigerants can be tricky. We can do just that at Confort Prestige.

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