Polyurethane insulation (urethane) on the North Shore

For the attic and the walls

Non-flammable. Rot-proof. Resistant to vermin and rodents.

Get unprecedented thermal insulation of superior quality.


The efficiency of heating and cooling systems depends largely on the quality of the building’s thermal insulation.


Cellulose, or cellulose fiber/wool, is a material made from recycled newspaper, hence its ecological character. It is then treated with boron salt to improve its performance.


Blown cellulose is one of the most efficient insulating materials available today. It is also known for its economical and ecological character.

At Confort Prestige, we have been operating for several years in the field of heating and air conditioning installation in all types of buildings. From now on, our services will be expanded. We propose a new offer for a more complete service: polyurethane insulation. Let’s talk about it!

What is the importance of thermal insulation?

In winter, heating a building with poor thermal insulation would be like trying to heat the outside. Energy losses through cracks or small openings can significantly reduce the efficiency of heating systems.

Similarly, the efficiency of air conditioners may also decrease in summer. Good thermal insulation is therefore essential to limit as much as possible the impact of external conditions on the performance of air conditioning equipment.

Polyurethane: exceptional insulating power

Polyurethane is a urethane polymer plastic that is particularly well known for its exceptional insulating power. It also has many other qualities such as its waterproofness, its great resistance to water or its practicality. But above all, its durability is several years. This longevity is the reason why its impact on the environment is low despite the fact that it is derived from petrochemicals.

High performance insulating foam

Polyurethane comes in many forms on the market. Closed cell foam is the texture with the highest insulation performance. It effectively prevents air and vapour infiltration as long as it is properly installed.

That is why we strongly recommend that you entrust this type of work to professionals, even if it seems easy. They know and master the techniques to be applied for a successful installation that will guarantee your comfort in the long term.

Keep the heat in during winter

And leave the heat and humidity outside during the summer

Our insulating materials are environmentally friendly and highly efficient for the Quebec climate. They make all the difference to your comfort.

Blown cellulose insulation in Boisbriand
Blown cellulose insulation in Boisbriand
Blown cellulose insulation in Boisbriand

Why should you hire us for polyurethane insulation?

We care deeply about your comfort and satisfaction. That is why we put at your service qualified professionals who perfectly master their trade for the installation of the polyurethane insulation adapted to your situation.

They will also be able to listen to you in order to identify your needs and advise you on the best options. Finally, we use only quality products to guarantee optimal insulation and maximum durability of the installation.

How much does the polyurethane insulation service cost?

It is difficult to define the exact cost of installing polyurethane insulation. Indeed, this depends on several factors, including:

  • Total area to be filled/insulated;
  • The type of polyurethane used;
  • Product quality and characteristics;
  • Workforce.

In any case, we offer fair and reasonable prices for the quality of our products.

To conclude

Are you interested in our polyurethane insulation service on the North Shore? Do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email for more information on the subject. You can also get a free quote by filling out the contact form on our website.

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