Polyurethane insulation (urethane) in Laval

For the attic and the walls

Non-flammable. Rot-proof. Resistant to vermin and rodents.

Get unprecedented thermal insulation of superior quality.


The efficiency of heating and cooling systems depends largely on the quality of the building’s thermal insulation.


Cellulose, or cellulose fiber/wool, is a material made from recycled newspaper, hence its ecological character. It is then treated with boron salt to improve its performance.


Blown cellulose is one of the most efficient insulating materials available today. It is also known for its economical and ecological character.

Many professionals recommend polyurethane insulation to minimize energy loss in a building during all seasons. Why do they recommend this material and who do you trust to install it if you are in Laval? We give you the details.

First of all, what is polyurethane?

Polyurethane is a urethane polymer. Although its name seems rather uncommon, it is nevertheless a plastic material very present in our everyday life. Indeed, you can find it for example in your car, on the dashboard, in your office or in many other objects such as skateboard wheels or shoe soles. It is especially appreciated for its strength and durability compared to other materials.

High performance insulating foam

Depending on the monomer used for its manufacture, polyurethane can be presented in several forms such as a rigid panel or an insulating foam. The latter is widely used in the building industry for its high performance, resistance, durability, waterproofing, practicality and ease of use.

Indeed, it is enough to pulverize it on the zone to be isolated and the turn is played. In addition, its texture makes it easier to reach certain hard-to-reach places. Finally, its effectiveness remains intact for several years if it has been properly installed.

Call a professional to install polyurethane insulation!

As mentioned above, polyurethane insulation is easy to install, especially if you have some DIY skills. Nevertheless, we always recommend that you call on a professional for this type of work, which will guarantee your comfort for many years. He knows the techniques to be applied for an optimal thermal insulation in your house and will know how to identify the zones at risk.

Keep the heat in during winter

And leave the heat and humidity outside during the summer

Our insulating materials are environmentally friendly and highly efficient for the Quebec climate. They make all the difference to your comfort.

Blown cellulose insulation in Boisbriand
Blown cellulose insulation in Boisbriand
Blown cellulose insulation in Boisbriand

You can now call on us for polyurethane insulation work!

You can now call on us for polyurethane insulation work in your residential, commercial or institutional building in Laval. We offer our services for new construction or renovation. In addition, we take care of many areas such as walls, joists and floors.

Why should you choose us?

We put at your service experts who listen to you and are able to evaluate your needs and realize an installation that exceeds your expectations. Their main objectives? Create a comfortable environment, whatever the season, and guarantee your satisfaction. Also, they use only quality products to ensure the efficiency and durability of the thermal insulation in your building.

To conclude

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