How to choose the right windows for your Quebec climate for better energy efficiency

Quebec’s changing and often harsh climate calls for judicious choices when it comes to windows and doors, to ensure optimum energy efficiency and lasting comfort in our homes.

Having windows that are adapted to our Quebec climate means not only saving on heating and air-conditioning costs, but also enjoying a comfortable indoor environment, even during harsh winters. In this article, we’ll discuss the importance of choosing the right windows for our Quebec climate, and the key factors to consider when purchasing.

The importance of windows adapted to Quebec’s climate

Quebec’s climate is known for its cold, harsh winters, characterized by low temperatures and strong winds. Summers can also be hot and humid. Having windows that are adapted to our climate is essential for maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature, while minimizing energy losses.

Factors to consider when buying windows in Quebec

  1. Thermal transmittance coefficient (U-factor): Look for windows with a low U-factor, which indicates better thermal insulation. For cold Quebec climates, opt for windows with a U-factor of less than 0.3.

  1. R-value: The R-value is the inverse of the U-factor and indicates thermal resistance. Choose windows with a high R-value for better thermal insulation.
  1. Low-emissivity (Low-E) glazing: Low-emissivity coatings reduce heat loss in winter and maintain coolness in summer. Choose windows with Low-E glass for greater energy efficiency.
  1. Double- or triple-glazed insulating glass: Double- or triple-glazed windows provide better thermal insulation and reduce heat loss.
  1. Weather resistance: Windows must be able to withstand Quebec’s variable weather conditions, including high winds, snow and extreme temperatures.
  1. Durable materials: Choose windows made from durable materials like PVC or aluminum for better weather resistance and long life.
  1. Professional installation: Correct window installation is essential to ensure effective sealing and minimize energy loss. Hire experienced professionals to carry out the installation.

Additional energy-saving tips

  1. Use insulating curtains or blinds to further reduce heat loss in winter and block the sun’s rays in summer.
  1. Install seals around windows to prevent draughts and moisture infiltration.
  1. Maintain windows regularly, cleaning grooves, lubricating mechanisms and replacing defective seals as needed.


Choosing windows adapted to our Quebec climate is essential for better energy efficiency and optimal indoor comfort. By taking into account U-factor, R-value, Low-E glass, insulated glazing and weather resistance, you can make an informed choice when purchasing your windows. Enjoy a comfortable indoor environment, energy savings and a well-insulated home, even in Quebec’s harsh winters. Don’t forget to call on qualified professionals for the installation and maintenance of your windows to ensure optimum performance over time.

Climatisation: 1275$ de subvention pour le retrait de l'huile de votre fournaise + 5000$ pour l'installation d'une thermopompe + fournaise.