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Heat pumps perform extremely well down to the lowest temperature for which they were designed.

Each heat pump model, whether wall-mounted or central, is designed to operate within a range of temperatures. Some models work fine down to -35 degrees Celsius, while others are not designed to work in very cold weather.

Depending on your needs and your situation, we will recommend the most profitable heat pump model for you.

Yes, as long as the model installed is suitable for your situation.

Unlike most heating methods, the heat produced by a heat pump does not come from heating elements, which consume a lot of energy. Rather, heat comes from the exchange and compression of gases, which requires much less energy per unit of heat produced.

To obtain adequate and uniform heating, the right appliance must obviously be installed. Our advisors are in the best position to tell you which models are best suited to your situation.

Most installations are done in one day.

The installation includes the installation of the device, the control module, the finishing work, the connections, the commissioning of the device and the tests.

When we leave, your device is working as it should and is ready to provide you with all the comfort you deserve.

The savings resulting from the installation of a heat pump are affected by several factors, such as the power and quality of the device, as well as the precision of the installation.

Our meticulous installations and our devices selected according to your needs are your best guarantee of obtaining the maximum return on your investment.

New heat pumps are covered by two guarantees: the warranty on the device and the warranty on the installation.

The warranty on the device is offered by the manufacturer and covers any anomalies that may occur with the device. In the event of breakage, the manufacturer assumes the cost of parts and labor to restore the device to normal operating condition. This warranty is generally for a period of up to 10 years.

The installation warranty covers any defect that could be caused by improper installation. It lasts for 5 years and is offered by Confort Prestige.

We offer preventive maintenance and repair of the devices we install.

The maintenance of heating and air conditioning equipment is a determining factor in their lifespan. We offer maintenance plans and on-demand visits to our customers so that they can get full performance from their devices, year after year.

Our 7 days a week emergency service is also available to all of our customers.

We offer a wide range of devices selected on the basis of their performance and reliability. In addition to the most popular brands and models on the market, we offer several high-end models.

Do you have a specific device model in mind? We will install it for you.

We will solve the problem as soon as possible.

It is extremely rare for a device to fail, but it is not impossible. If your appliance breaks down or ceases to provide its full performance, contact us. Our emergency service will assist you from the first contact and a thorough check will be carried out as soon as possible.

If repairs need to be made, we will coordinate them.

Both in the case of air conditioners and heat pumps, wall and central systems have the same functions: to cool and / or heat the air.

The main difference is that the wall system has only one air outlet: the one on the wall. The wall system is therefore excellent for heating / cooling a space on the same level or an open space.

The central system has several air outlets that can be positioned in several different rooms. It is therefore ideal for heating / cooling larger spaces, separated into several rooms or arranged on several levels.

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Climatisation: 1275$ de subvention pour le retrait de l'huile de votre fournaise + 5000$ pour l'installation d'une thermopompe + fournaise.