Door and window replacement on the North Shore

High-performance doors and windows to suit your taste

100% Quebec products. Best lifetime warranty in the industry. Resistant paint

High-performance windows and doors that comply with standards

100% Quebec products

Since 1947, Vaillancourt has been innovating in the industry to offer you the best in doors and windows. Their family history began and continues here in Quebec. Their doors and windows are 100% made in Quebec and we are proud of it!

Best lifetime warranty in the industry

Even after 20 years, your warranty is still valid. It’s a REAL lifetime guarantee. Also, you can really count on it since we measure with great precision and transparency the admissible criteria.

Resistant paint

Our application process makes the paint very resistant to chipping, cracking and peeling. Our own paint room also allows us to apply an unlimited choice of colors in a controlled environment.

Energy losses caused by poorly maintained windows and doors reduce the efficiency of your heating or cooling system, especially in winter. It is therefore essential to replace them as soon as possible if you observe the slightest anomaly, especially if you are in an area such as the North Shore.

Good insulation ensures the optimal performance of your heating system

Good insulation protects your home from the elements. In other words, it limits the impact of the outside temperature on the comfort level inside. This reduces the use of the heating system and optimizes its performance. In addition to providing you with pleasant living conditions in your home, good insulation considerably reduces your energy consumption, and therefore your expenses, over the long term.

Doors and windows in good condition are essential for optimal insulation

When closed, doors and windows should prevent airflow between the indoor and outdoor environments. However, they cannot perform this function if they are in poor condition, i.e. if they have cracks or if they are poorly installed.

The weather will then have a significant impact on the indoor temperature, which could reduce the performance and efficiency of the heating devices. Thus, the condition and quality of the doors and windows play an important role in the insulation of your home. They should be replaced as soon as they show signs of wear or damage.

Keep the heat in during winter

And leave the heat and humidity outside during the summer

Our doors and windows are ecological and ultra-efficient for the Quebec climate. They make all the difference to your comfort.

Blown cellulose insulation in Boisbriand
Blown cellulose insulation in Boisbriand
Blown cellulose insulation in Boisbriand

We replace doors and windows on the North Shore

We now offer a window and door replacement service to the residents of the North Shore. For this purpose, we offer you high quality products, manufactured by recognized brands.

You can also choose between several models and styles, depending on your tastes and needs. In addition, we provide qualified and competent experts for their installation. Attentive and meticulous, they will apply their knowledge and experience to meet your expectations, and even more. Finally, we charge reasonable rates for our services.

We now offer more comprehensive services

We are well known in the market for our air conditioning and heating services. However, we have realized that the use of efficient devices is not enough to guarantee your comfort inside your home and preserve your health at all times. Thus, we have expanded our offerings to :

  • Installation or replacement of doors and windows;
  • Polyurethane or blown cellulose insulation;
  • Air exchanger installation;
  • Installation of ventilation ducts.


At Confort Prestige, we offer various practical and efficient solutions to ensure your comfort, no matter what the weather is like outside, and to optimize the performance of your heating or air conditioning system. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about our services. Submissions are free with us!

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