Everything you need to know about electric furnaces

Heating systems are essential components of all buildings in regions where the winter is harsh and the weather is capricious as in Quebec. Among them, the electric furnace attracts more and more people because of its efficiency and practicality. We present to you everything you need to know about this heating equipment.

How do electric furnaces work?

The operation of electric furnaces is relatively simple. The device draws in cold air which will then be routed to a heat exchanger where electricity is converted into heat to heat it. Finally, the hot air is redistributed in all the rooms thanks to the ducts. We also remind you that there are dual-energy electric furnaces that use another source of energy in addition to electricity. However, their principle of operation remains the same.

What are the benefits of electric furnaces?

In addition to their reasonable cost, electric furnaces have many significant advantages over gas or oil models.

· Security

Gas leaks or air pollution can cause more or less significant damage and even be the cause of serious health problems, in particular respiratory diseases, in the long term. Moreover, these models of furnaces are rarely accepted in buildings in North America.

· Renewable energy

Since electric furnaces run on electricity, it is possible to connect these devices to renewable energy sources such as solar panels or wind turbines. In addition to preserving the environment, this can significantly reduce operating costs.

Buy your electric furnace at Confort Prestige!

Have you decided to opt for an electric furnace as your heating system? Make your purchase at Confort Prestige! We offer a variety of models that are all equally efficient and designed to ensure even heat distribution in all rooms of your home.

In addition, the devices that we make available to you operate silently so as not to disturb your comfort when they are in operation. The complete installation is offered and we intervene for all types of building.


Electric furnaces are efficient, practical, healthy and even economical heating systems if you use renewable energies. The devices that we put on sale are silent models and distribute hot air evenly throughout the building.

We also carry out the installations in order to optimize the performance of the device and guarantee a well-kept finish, up to your expectations. Finally, you can call on us to transform your gas or oil furnace into an electric furnace. Do not hesitate to contact us for additional information.

Climatisation: 1275$ de subvention pour le retrait de l'huile de votre fournaise + 5000$ pour l'installation d'une thermopompe + fournaise.