Air exchanger installation in Boisbriand

Good insulation is essential to ensure the efficiency and performance of your air conditioning or heating system. However, the lack of ventilation it causes could be detrimental to your health. The air exchanger was designed to overcome this problem.

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What is an air exchanger?

An air exchanger is a ventilation system. Its function is to renew the air in your home by expelling stale air and drawing fresh air from outside and bringing it back inside. To do this, it is composed of :

  • A watertight box;
  • 2 input ports and 2 output ports
  • 2 fans.

Here’s how it works:

  • The device draws stale air in through one of the inlet ports and exhausts it through the corresponding outlet port.
  • It also draws fresh air from outside through the other inlet port and returns it to the heating or cooling system before it is distributed throughout your home.

Note that the 2 processes are done simultaneously and continuously as long as the device is running. In addition, stale air and fresh air flows are never brought into contact. Nevertheless, there are currently air exchangers capable of recovering heat from the stale air and transferring it to the fresh air. They are much more economical in the sense that they reduce the energy consumption related to the use of the heating or air conditioning system.

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Why use an air exchanger?

Without an air exchanger, the air conditioning or heating system will recycle over and over again the air that is already present in a well-insulated home. However, human activities inside are reducing its quality over time:

  • Dust scatters in the air as you sweep.
  • Some cleaning products or paints release VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds).
  • Regular use of water, especially for laundry, dishwashing and cleaning, humidifies the air and can lead to mold growth without proper ventilation.
  • In addition to all this, there is the breathing as well as the activities of plants and pets.

However, this decrease in air quality can be the cause of many allergic reactions that manifest themselves as colds, conjunctivitis, skin conditions, coughing, nasal congestion or runny noses, and many others. In the long term, more or less serious respiratory diseases can even appear. Thus, the use of an air exchanger is essential to preserve your health if the insulation of your house is optimal. And it must be, if you are in a region like Boisbriand.


At Confort Prestige, we offer an air exchanger installation service in Boisbriand. For this, we put at your disposal qualified and serious experts who will do their best to meet all your expectations, and even more. We invite you to contact us by phone, email or by filling out the form on our website for additional information. We remind you that submissions are free.


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