Air conditioning: between myth and reality

Air conditioning is an invention we often take for granted, especially during the hot, humid Quebec summers. However, there is a lot of misinformation and myths about air conditioning, which can hinder its optimum use.

In this article, we’ll examine some of these myths and offer some facts to help better understand this essential device.

Myth 1: The bigger your air conditioner, the more efficient it is

It’s not uncommon to encounter the notion that a larger air conditioner means better cooling. After all, a bigger device means more power, right?

Reality explained

The truth is that the size of your air conditioner should be proportional to the space it needs to cool. An oversized system will cool the room quickly without having time to dehumidify the air properly. This can result in an uncomfortably humid environment. On the other hand, an undersized system will constantly run without reaching the desired temperature.

The importance of proper sizing underlines the need to call on professionals like our experts at Confort Prestige. A professional assessment of your space will ensure that you invest in the right size unit, ensuring efficient cooling and energy savings.

Myth 2: Turning down the thermostat cools your home faster

Another popular misconception is that all you have to do to cool down a house quickly is turn the thermostat all the way down.

Reality explained

Your air conditioner operates at a constant rate, regardless of the thermostat setting. Therefore, lowering your thermostat to an extremely cold temperature won’t make your home cool down any faster. In reality, this often leads to over-consumption of energy and unnecessary expenditure. A more moderate, constant setting can help maintain a comfortable temperature while preserving energy efficiency.

Myth 3: The air conditioner should be turned off when the house is empty.

Many people think it’s unnecessary to leave the air conditioner on when the occupants are away.

Reality explained

Turning off your air conditioner when you leave the house may seem like an excellent idea for saving energy. However, when switched off for a long period on a hot day, the interior of the house can become excessively hot. When you return and switch the unit on again, it will have to work intensively to cool your home, which can consume more energy than if you had simply set the thermostat to a slightly higher temperature while you were away.

Myth 4: Air conditioners don’t require regular maintenance

It’s a common misconception that, once installed, an air conditioner is self-sufficient and requires no special attention.

Reality explained

Like all other household appliances, an air conditioner requires regular maintenance to keep it running at peak performance. This includes cleaning or replacing filters to keep the air clean, inspecting components for premature wear or potential problems, and generally cleaning the unit to make sure there’s no dirt or debris interfering with its operation. Regular maintenance can improve your air conditioner’s efficiency and extend its service life.

In conclusion, myths about air conditioning can create confusion and misunderstandings, which can lead to inefficient use of the appliance and unnecessary energy expenditure. By understanding the facts and debunking preconceived ideas, you can optimize your system for maximum performance, while improving the comfort of your home.

At Confort Prestige, our goal is to help you get the most out of your air conditioner. We’re committed to providing you with accurate, up-to-date information, so you can make informed decisions about your home comfort. Whatever your situation, we’re here to guide and support you. Our team is always ready to help, whether you need advice on choosing a new air conditioner or advice on maintaining your current system.

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